Monday, March 23, 2009 advertises extensively on college campuses.

Once you get to their site, you can choose between a number of categories of 'jobs', among them, 'Get Paid To Drive', 'Mystery Shopping', etc.

Then, in each category, you get a choice of 1 or more manuals that will tell you how to do the work.

The only 'free' information is in the section called 'Student Jobs'. It offers what seem to be some good tips for jobs students may find or create on their college campuses.

Most of the information is not free, though.

But that's not our major complaint...

...We're upset that in their Grant section they list a grant-finding service that you can supposedly use for 7 days for $4.95.

Read the fine print and you'll discover that you'll thereafter be paying $39.95 EVERY MONTH for this service.

Obviously, they are HOPING you DON'T read the fine print and end up getting a NON-REFUNDABLE charge or two on your credit card BEFORE YOU EVEN NOTICE.

These are terrible, cynical annoyance-programs, which are COMPLETELY WORTHLESS, and directed at financially vulnerable students. Sham on them and anyone who makes money off them!

Your Financial Aid office has all the free info you need on grants, scholarhips, and so forth. Barack Obama is not shovelling out money to average people who just want some!

(If you'd like to see a Student Work Site that has all the one-time fees right out front and also has a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, PLEASE CLICK HERE! )

Another, relatively minor complaint is that YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN MORE THAN ONE OF THE opportunites! You could end up SHELLING OUT a lot of money to check them all out!

A better idea might be to FIND A COMPREHENSIVE STUDENT WORK SITE that INCLUDES ALL of the major work-from-home opportunities, HAS a 60-Day Refund policy, and does NOT try to hook you into automatic deductions from your credit cards!

WORKLISTING.ORG sells the most authoritative guide for students to part-time home based opportunities. They have been in business compiling their list of firms that need student home workers for over 15 years, plus they have COMBINED many of the relevant job offers that other providers sell separately!

Interested? Then, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

Thanks for coming by, and good luck searching for student work!

If you have any feedback about or other student work sites, please leave a comment!

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